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Andy Linda Perryman Conscious couples retreats coaching

Conscious Couples Coaching

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Couples Retreats

Couples coaching spain

Couples Coaching

Andy Linda Perryman Coaching


Hello we are Andy & Linda 👋

We have dedicated the past 10 years into our personal growth with several teachers and modalities. Our main background is our common study in Tai Chi. We learnt to apply principles in the full spectrum of life, this incorporates meditation, movement, body work, emotional work and healing work.

The challenges in the beginning of our relationship helped us to make rapid changes. We had to find ways to break through the ego in conflicts, how to deal with the energies in giving / receiving, how to truly connect on a heart and soul level etc... There were many learning moments along the way and the journey has helped us to connect on a deep and solid level. We have found the tools, principles and daily life intentions to make our relationship work and so it does for others. 


We share our couple work for others to benefit from the tools that saved, improved and let our relationship flourish.


"Thank you so much for the lovely experience to hear about your Course to Conscious Relationships with this afternoon’s webinar.

I also enjoyed hearing the other participants explain their situation and their wish to learn how to deepen their relationship.

Linda & Andy, it’s so wonderful to see you both happy, connected and respectful to each other. That’s the way I also want to go for sure."


Tom & Sterre


"The work Andy and Linda have shared has been inspiring to us and really helped us to find deeper healing and motivation for ourselves to grow and (un)learn together."

"I am so glad I joined yesterday - I really enjoyed it and found it inspiring and interesting.


I loved your authenticity and vulnerability to share your journey and experiences. Also the way you spoke and explained was clear, positive and enthusiastic. 


The work you are doing/ embodying is very powerful and I feel sure you will continue to help many individuals and couples."

Couples retreats spain

Tribu del Alma

Gaucín (South of Spain)

Price per person € 1495

Couples retreats spain

La Posada Romana

Gaucín (South of Spain)

Price per person € 1495

(option for upgraded rooms) 

and receive our free E-book:
 'How To Resolve Conflict & Disagreement in Your Relationship and Reconnect With Your Partner'

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