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Andy grew up in the United Kingdom where he worked and lived his whole life. His passion is in the practical application of daily life where he loves to work with his hands, tools and wood to create new things. In 2014 he started his journey into spiritual and self development with his full time study in Tai Chi. The principles of nature, tools and applications of the ancient wisdom is what nourishes him every day. The changes Andy made over the years are tremendous. All has helped him to break free from his deepest fears, doubts, anxiety and depression. Not knowing how life would unfold he now lives in Spain, is married and carries out his desire to share what he learnt with others. 

Linda her roots are in the Netherlands. Her vision was to make a career and have a life just like anybody else. She discovered soon that this lifestyle was not giving her the long term fulfilment and knew there was more to life. She started her Tai Chi study in 2013 where she found the answers to her deep inner questions. It was the start for her inner transformation where she let go of the 'outer world' and found a whole treasure in her inner world Her passion is to bring healing, love and light to the world. She sparkles with positivity and has a big heart to help others to heal. 

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The journey of us coming together was not straight forward. It took me (Linda) 2 years to say yes to my first date with Andy. It was a big journey of trusting the unknown, trusting the heart and bursting through stubborn beliefs of how the 'ideal man' should look like. 

Once I made this shift, I felt I was able to feel, receive and grow in more depth and healing than I was before. From the moment I stepped into the relationship I knew there was a celebration in the whole universe telling me we have a purpose to share with the world. 

While Andy had his eyes on Linda for a longer time, he was very patient and took the time to work on his personal growth in the meanwhile. The inner personal work we both did before we got together truly lifted our relationship to a higher level from the start. The base was formed from where we could dive into more healing and depth. 

(picture of when Andy asked Linda to marry him!)

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Having our studies in Tai Chi and other modalities helped us to changed our view of daily life. In everything we apply we do our best to be in a conscious state.

The challenges in the beginning of our relationship helped us to make rapid changes. We had to find ways to break through the ego in conflicts, how to deal with the energies in giving / receiving, how to truly connect on a heart and soul level etc... There were many learning moments along the way and the journey has helped us to connect on a deep and solid level. We have found the tools, principles and daily life intentions to make our relationship work and so it does for others. 


We now teach couples how to upgrade their relationship to a higher and conscious level. We do this through (online) coaching sessions and in person retreats. We believe in the power of teaching where we have been through and share these exact principles with others who are looking to get the same results.

We enjoy sharing the principles and tools which worked for our relationship and help others to reconnect with themselves and each other. Our passion is to keep sharing the light and the love we have discovered in ourselves. We know this works and.. the world needs it! 

What we offer is not relationship counselling, we give relationship coaching to help you to get the best out of yourselves and your relationship because you already have the foundation and love. All you want is to revitalise and improve your relationship. 

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