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Couples coaching retreats spain


We offer a space for improvement, learning and growth. We benefit every day from the changes in our relationship because of the steps we have taken over the years. A relationship is like a garden, you put the effort in and see the results. When we don't do that we see that the relationship is not evolving and staying on a high level. The weeds will grow by themselves.

We know that the right teachings, knowledge and daily applications can bring the relationship to a high level. 

Through years of growing and learning together we have found what works... and what doesn't.

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We believe in having the right knowledge which gives you the power to improve your relationship. The tools we apply are absolutely golden. They have helped us both to change to a new level of awareness and saved our relationship.

In our Conscious Couples course we will share with you the tools and wisdom that work and will breath new life into your relationship. 

The teachings are in a group setting or 1-1 coaching. 

To best advice you, please reach out and will we give you a personalised plan. 

What we offer is not relationship counselling, we give relationship coaching to help you to get the best out of yourselves and your relationship because you already have the foundation and love. All you want is to revitalise and improve your relationship. 


Couples coaching retreats spain
Conscious couples work


Simply - because you consciously choose to improve your relationship and yourself.

We have seen the power of bringing consciousness to our relationship. Although we have worked on our personal growth and spiritual growth before we came together as a couple, we still faced our day to day challenges.

How come we are upset with each other while there is so much love to share? How come I react in a stubborn way or feel triggered by the response of the other?

These are normal questions, yet we do not know how to deal with them in our daily life. Our awareness goes fast 'out of the window' in moments of disconnection.

We knew this could be different and knew there would be another way to deal with these challenges that bring the relationship to a lower level.. and we worked to develop these based ancient internal studies! We apply these principles daily into our relationship and see this is bringing us closer together, stronger and more connected. We do not get stuck anymore in hours of disconnection but soon transform them to higher healing moments. 


"Applying the tools has changed our relationship in so many ways. Practicing listening exercise, forgiveness and appreciations are three key things/topics that have bought us to more peaceful, harmonious, balanced and healing relationship.


When having conflict in the past, we were easy to judge, project and blame which causes friction, tension and could bring our relationship out of balance.


Now we have learnt and are still learning to notice our own patterns and behaviours. We realise when to apply the tools, which helps us to create a more non judgmental and unconditional loving environment to be. Apologising and forgiving is such a powerful tool that can bring peace and more space for our love to grow.


We discovered how important it is to focus on ourselves. Learning to forgive ourselves and each other and love ourselves unconditionally have been real life changers.


The work Andy and Linda have shared has been inspiring to us and really helped us to find deeper healing and motivation for ourselves to grow and (un)learn together.

Tom & Sterre


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