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A smile!

Sometimes a smile explains more than a 1000 words.

Happiness is within, within us all.

We only do not know how to get there.

I have tried many ways, many forms and many explorations. I was always looking for 'it', the fix, the fulfilment. A search through jobs, relationships, friendships and all I could find to hold on to.Sometimes I felt fulfilled, but then I lost it. It was only temporary. Society never taught me how to sustain this feeling, how to connect directly to love, to happiness and to light. I was envious of others, compared myself, pulled myself down by looking at them and believing / projecting the image that they 'got it', yet it was all fake. I kept moving forward in the ongoing streams of society. A fast phase, constantly projecting my image of perfection to the future.

"What if I get that job promotion, what if I meet the right partner." Always the future, it was never the now.

For years I felt insecure in my behaviour, in expressing who I was. Never confident, satisfied or trusting myself.Looking back I did not know any better how to be or how to behave. I could not break free from my shell of protection, but also fear, blame and comparison.

Finding a new way and discovering that all of what I was looking for was already within was a true life exploration. It is so simple, yet we do not know the way.

Not many of us know the way as we often search through the wrong signposts of alcohol, drugs, smoking, food, partying or other distractions. Even Facebook and Instagram are all holding up the wrong pictures of ourselves. It does not bring us what we are looking for!

The way is within.

All is within.

And finding this fullness of an always everlasting inner smile is a true gift. A gift I received via my teacher Master Choy, he was the one telling me the direct way to connect to light, love and happiness. I applied his teachings to my daily life and it works!! It truly works.

It is not through Jesus, Buddha or hallelujah to find it, it is through having the courage to open up to what already is inside us. To make a step to want to learn about something new and unlearn what does not serve us any longer.

Happiness belongs to us all. Come and flow with what we have discovered.

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