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Recently I have discovered the power of talking more honestly and openly with my loved one. This has opened something inside me which is beyond my understanding. Often in the past I was too afraid to expose my true feelings with others, because I might hurt them or it might affect them what I share. Feeling insecure that the other does not like me anymore by showing my shady sides which I tried to hide for myself and them. It feels now I can share from a different place my true feelings of how I feel about something. This can be a very personal subject, connected to deep wounds and pains, but can also be how I see things, feel about things and perceive what others say to me.

It shows that I have become much more transparant with myself in first place. To allow myself to feel how I feel, unconditionally without any judgement. From there I am able to share this with others too, in a loving way. I had to take a lot of steps of courage, to be able to be so authentic and open and still it feels a little uncomfortable at times. But I have seen that this is the way to true healing and growth, something which I have dedicated my life to.

In moments when I felt most uncomfortable to speak, felt small and insignificant to share, were exactly the most powerful ones to open up. It feels like a huge relief, as if something opens inside my heart and expands beyond my control. That I allowed myself to fully let myself be free. A sense of aliveness. This being received in an unconditional way by my partner has been so healing. A true ear for listening, love and care, without any labels, judgement or opinions. Just pure receiving. It strips away all the projections of fear, hurt, shame and pain around it and allows the emotion to be pure as it is. I have seen tremendous growth but also a deeper connection growing. That we truly and deeply connect because we are authentic with each other.

We do our best to not fall back in patterns or fear or doubt "what the other would think of it", but we put ourselves in a vulnerable position to share and create a space for being listened to in a loving way.

Again, this takes practice, the right tools to be able to look at things from a different perspective and higher dimension. But only applying is the way to grow and see the magical results happening. I feel so grateful as it has brought me to a deeper connection of love inside, inside us and inside all. Love can grow if two people dedicate their relationship to love itself and see that they are two individuals connecting to something bigger. It is not about us, but about how we connect to the love inside ourselves and each other. And therefor I thank love being so loving.

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