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Healing power of unconditional love

It was only a few years ago that I discovered the healing power of unconditional love. I was so used to the outer world being judgemental, hard, having an opinion about all I shared and there was always that response, this 'knowing better' or a change that needed to happen. I did not know any other way. It made me feel small and insignificant. I did not trust myself, did not have inner strength and my inner voice was gone already for a long time.

The teachings which I am following has helped me to change that, firstly to see that all what is outside me is also a mirror of what is inside. I had those judging voices, I had those comments and I was the one constantly projecting things onto me without listening, feeling or being receptive to what my heart really wanted. By changing the inner and being more receptive to the outer, a safe space was created for me to express who I am and from there I was able to trust more. This trust was growing in small steps, trusting fellow students, trusting my teacher, trusting my inner voice and trusting my real new talents which I was growing. Was this the real me? Is this truly who I am and what I passionately love? All old projections, ideas and beliefs about myself could go out of the window it seemed, something new was coming to the surface. It was only up to me to accept this and embrace this as part of my growth. ❤️

Only nowadays I see how much this has been growing steadily day by day. Then there is this point that you look back to say 'wow' this does have affect and this does have changed me!! And what I mean with this is the unconditional loving energy, inside and outside me. By being 100% authentic, open and vulnerable towards others, yourself and your partner is the way to grow.Not long ago I expressed my deepest pains, fears and feelings of loneliness at the point when I was at the age of 11 and I was in hospital after an ear operation. Sharing this was so so healing.. and all I needed was just someone to be there for me and to listen. I did not needed any advice, someone who said I had 'back luck this happened to me' or someone who had a solution. No I just needed someone to be there and listen with an open heart, no judgement. 🙏

And that is healing, that is freeing and that allows me to grow my inner strength for more growth to happen. By being the parent for my inner child, by putting the light in me and all painful moments from the past, that is what makes me stronger and trustworthy inside myself.I feel grateful being on this path of (self)healing and keep discovering more depths every day.✨

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