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Love can grow

Looking back over the year I see it has been a proces of small steps within my current relationship. I see it as a process of growth and opening up, like a flower does in small consistent and daily steps. This is for me very personal, delicate and a slow journey. Most relationships are based on a quick fix, wanting to go to the goal, the fullness and fireworks immediately. I used to be like that. Believing that after a week or month being together there is this deep connecting of knowing each other already. But still after being together with my partner for nearly a year now, we are making steps, being more vulnerable, more open and honest with each other and ourselves. As if we keep discovering new layers inside ourselves. 

It is a process of opening the heart, trusting and being able to connect.  This can only be slow if you ask me. Like the most delicate flower opening her petals. It is like nature, who grows slow. But we human beings are not conditioned to that, do not have the patience and slowness to let this process unfold by itself. A natural opening, connection and growth.

I feel there is the place where the most beautiful things can happen. By being receptive towards each other and not take the other person for granted it allows us to see each other fresh and new every day. We de-familiarize from each other. We do our best to see the real person in each other every day. And therefore we respect each other, apologize when we are wrong or make a mistake, when we are overly yang or too yin, reactive or defensive.. we give each other the space to share and to be listened to. We do out best to not rush over each other, shout, be annoyed or play the game of ignorance.. we surrender our ego's in order to connect to love. Time after time, moment after moment. The more we practice, the more effortless it goes. Like nature has her cycle of growth and death, we human beings too.

This is when love can be present and grow. it has been growing inside me, inside me partner and around us. This week I realized how beautiful that actually is. Because the more we focus on love, rather than being over focused on each other as a person, the more magical love can be present. It is feel-able for us, bus also around us.  I feel a glow, a shine, a spark within and without. As if we have fallen in love again, still or always will be in love. In love with love, by respecting her as a presence who is between us all. She is present in a soft touch, a look, a generous smile or an action filled with kindness.  I feel that is the real place to find love. Not in the outer, the rush of life, our partner or our job. But in those moment we choose to put love first. 

And that is something which has always been my dream, to find a someone where I can celebrate this love with. Just by simply being, sitting and feeling the presence of love. Feeling her enormity and always magical silent presence.

Thank you love for being so loving. 

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