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New workshop in Devon, UK

For the first time my partner Andy Perryman and I are going to give a workshop together. We have been together for nearly one year and it has been a very healing journey together through ups and downs. A real bounding and proces of growing closer together. We have learnt to respect each other, see each other for who we really are and transformed our moments of stuckness into light.

For me it is the first time I feel seen and respected as a woman in a relationship. I have the space to open myself like a flower and show my real beauty to the world. My heart feels safe and able to share what she feels. There is no judgement but unconditional love and listening present. A true practice of every day applying the right tools. For me there are many personal issues who have healed and are in the process of healing. To do with my hearing loss who carries a lot of hidden fears and emotional traumas. But also to do with my past relationships, expectations and projections onto each other. When we have a conflict or are stuck with each other we remind ourselves that we are not seeing the real person, the abundant radiant light which shines and shows the true qualities of love, softness and care. We forget because we are stuck in the image we have of the other. Thanks to the Rainbow Tai Chi tools this feeling has transformed so many times into tears of laughter, joy and pure love. Forgiveness flows effortlessly and is the key to unlock the door. We have grown and become stronger as individual and as a team.

That and much more we will be sharing during our first workshop together in Devon, UK on the 7th and 8th of September 2019. The Rainbow Tai Chi tools transformed our lives to be happy, healthy and respectful beings for ourselves, each other and the world. 🙏

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