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Perspective in relationships

I have discovered the importance of balanced life tools within a relationship. How often it happens that my partner and I look each other in the eyes and realize our Tai Chi way of living has been lifesaving for us and our relationship. I even can add to that, that we never would have been together without the tools and a teacher who taught us about what is the real thing in life.

I was stuck in the picture of the perfect man, for years I was searching for it, him, or for love. Looking everywhere to find it, or I did my best to let it come to me. Important was the outer for me, the looks and appearances. I was putting that in the first place and from there I was searching for someone to match on the inner level too. I have discovered that it was not the way. It is not like a puzzle with pieces which I try yo fit together myself. It is about something else.

I have changed as a person and my perspective has changed. By showing and being my real self it has attracted a beautiful being to me, rather than me trying to find it which comes more from an ego based perspective.

My partner and I are together now for one year which feels timeless and there is so much more depth to discover in each of us.

Mostly I give thanks for being able to see the real being in each other. We focus on the qualities of uniqueness which we carry. The love, care, softness, lightness, strength, smiles and healing we see in each other is a mirror of ourselves. Acknowledging that allows us to grow. To grow that inside ourselves but also together. When we feel stuck, we get helped by the other affirming who we really are. When we lose the purpose of live, we got reminded where it is all about. When we make a mistake we forgive and apologize in order to clear the sky.

We choose what we want to grow in our relationship. Do we put love first, or doubts, frustration and negatives? Do we choose to transform our shit, or numb it and run away from it? This takes courage, openness and honesty, to face this within and together. For me this is the only way to grow. The only way to connect to the real thing and discover it is possible to live a life filled with love, happiness, gratefulness and more health. There is this space which I call a 'glam'. Glam of feeling glamorous and happy for no reason. A state.of being where I feel this extra layer is in me and around me. Life feels much more full instead of empty. It gives fulfillment and new fuel instead of feeling hollow, empty and drained.

Every day I give thanks to be able to grow and create what I want in my life. It is a journey with ups and downs, but the ups are enriching and embracing all what is below. This together, but also being strong in my own roots.

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