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Real beauty in you

I used to be very judgemental with myself about the way I looked on pictures. It was never good enough, I had always something to complain about the way I looked or about bits that were weid, dit not ook perfect. I was looking at the picture and had this strong belief that I was never beautiful or good enough. Something was missing and I never understood what?

Only now years later I see what was missing and what it is what makes a picture beautiful. And noy only a picture, but also in real life! It is not about the outer appearance, the perfect look, the perfect image or body. It is about you, the qualities and what you carry within.🤩

For me it is that spark, that aliveness and that light which I found within. Since I have learnt to connect to my inner spark, things have changed. I dare to shine, I radiant and smile to myself and to the world. To free myself up to be who I am. In all ways. It is an energy, a contentment and a happiness which is invisible and something you can't grasp.

Yes people still try to fit it in a box and label it, try to understand it.. saying "you are beautiful". Who is this 'you' and what is beauty anyway? Is beauty not an image and ideal we created ourselves, believing we know what beauty is or what it should be? Is this not all coming from the mind and is trying to fit a certain standard?

For me beauty was something I tried to live up to for a long time and I was judging myself when I failed. A constant push and pull battle which I would never win.

Beauty is for me nowadays that inner spark, that radiance and that uniqueness a person carries. It is the perfume of the soul my teacher would say. And when you are that radiance, it is feelable and seeable by others. It is something from within, not coming from the outer appearance. And it is true as I can see beauty in all people nowadays. Young, old etc. It does not matter what shape of body you have or how you look. You have this beauty inside, you just need to learn to unlock it and be it!🌟

Because that is what makes a picture beautiful, that is what makes you magnetic, that is what makes you attractive and alive. Something which can only be found within. ✨

So next time when you look at a picture of someone or yourself, you say, can I FEEL the energy of this person? Rather than can I judge this picture and see what is not good about it? 😁

Perfection does not exists. It is your choice how to be with it.🙏

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