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Love always felt very empty and superficial in my life. I was often looking for more, better or something else. I was hoping to find more love or a deeper connection through someone else. Another partner, a better one, someone who can give me more. I ended up feeling empty, lonely and needy.. longing for fulfillment. I have discovered that it is not possible to find the ideal in the other person. There is not someone out there who is the ideal person based on outer appearance, job status or popularity. The real thing is a continuous dedication to love, growth and an effort both persons put into a relationship. My teacher Master Choy said once; a relationship needs daily work and maintenance. It is like a garden if you not take care of it, you will never be able to grow roses. And I have seen, that it is true and is something to fight for. 🌹

Every day I do my best to see my partner fresh and new. To not take for granted or assume his actions "as he did such and so yesterday, therefor he will do it today again". It keeps me in the receptive mode where there is a possibility for new things to grow and for love to be present. This in daily applications, personal habits or while listening to each other.

We mirror a lot in each other an therefore can learn and grow so much together because we have a set of tools to work with and apply on a daily basis. There is no point getting angry with each other because then we get angry with ourselves.

We dedicate our life and relationship to transform challenges and to grow the best qualities and encourage each other to grow to our biggest potential. That is love, real unconditional love and to not have an alternative motive behind. Because we have each other, that makes us stronger and bounds us as a team. But we also have ourselves and stand strong with two feet in the ground with self love, respect and care shining to the world a seed of hope.🌍

Thank you chi, mother earth and father sun. We are mountain people, human beings from father sun and mother earth. I love the light in you as well as in myself.

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