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Reflecting back

6 years ago it was my first introduction with Tai Chi. It has been life changing for me and a real reset for new healthy habits and beliefs in my life. Reflecting back makes me feel so grateful for all the steps of change in my life. I see how stuck I was in my life and within myself. I was constantly trying to hold on to all my responsibilities and do what was expected from me. Work hard, earn a living, pay my bills and have a so called 'normal life'. But that was not what was making me happy. I felt like a prisoner in my own life. Stuck, stressed and doing my best to coop with my life. My body was telling me she was not happy with the amount of stress and suffering she was going through, but I could not find a way out.. I felt I needed to change, but did not know how.

Looking back now I see how much has changed, name an aspect in my life and I say YES something has changed there. Connecting to money, job, freedom, happiness and LOVE! Yes because today I can share that I have found love. Not outside myself in first place, but inside myself. I have discovered there is this abundance of love inside me. And this love comes in so many forms. Love for small things, love for nature and love for simplicity. Right now when I look outside I see a beautiful prosperous tree full of fruits. Is that not love, is that not beauty is that not showing the richness of life? That is something I would never have noticed years ago, never would have cared for or would have been interested it.. 'because it is normal' . But my inner change has helped me to slow down and appreciate what is.

Another aspect of change is my daily life. How I used to work from 9 to 5 and stress myself out in the office. I now have a more free lifestyle, with a freelance job in marketing besides the teaching work that I do. I work whenever I can and it flows perfectly with the rhythm of the day. One day I am a teacher, the other day a webdesigner and day after I manage a villa in the mountains of Spain. All seems to be in perfect harmony and in a constant stream of flow. I meet amazing new people and am open to receive new opportunities. It is not working hard for what I want, but letting it come to me and unfold from there. I feel super grateful for the new people I have met and work for, work with. It brings me to new places and in constant awe of what creation can do for us. This is a complete different lifestyle which I would never be able to dream of. Stepping out of the stream of life takes #courage but for me the most important thing I have learnt is to flow with the heart, follow the heartbeat and listen to the rhythm of the heart. This takes practice, patience and persistence and is not an overnight thing. ;) But for me one things is sure, the #heart is the way to go in life.

#grateful #growth #change

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