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Thank you love

For years I was longing or a relationship on a deeper level, a way to connect and really be heart to heart with someone. This felt was missing in my past relationships and I was hoping for a way to go deeper, to really be with someone, rather than only the superficial way of connecting. I felt something was missing but could not put my finger on it. It was a longing from within and I had no idea if this was possible to connect on a deeper level or how I would be able to manifest someone like that in my life.

I decided to start working on myself and on my inner first as I did not find 'it' in my past relationships. I started to build my self love, self respect and put the focus onto me, rather than looking outside for a perfect man to find. It was the opposite from the way I always was used to be. I was always looking outside, keeping an eye on every man and hoping the find mr right. Letting go and turning within seemed to be the best choice for me in order to learn and grow. Looking back now I feel this has brought me a lot. It has helped to become stronger in my own roots, my own beliefs and revelling the truth to myself. I was holding up images, expectations, projections and hoping to find 'it' from there. I started to strip down to the core of my being and my new grown beliefs. This all thanks to my teacher Master Choy who inspired me every day to grow this within me with his teachings and the Tai chi tools. This journey of change took me more than 3 years and I started to feel what my heart wanted, rather than my mind had planned for me.

Love came in to my life, in a complete surprising different way in how I expected it to be. Andy, who was also studying at the Rainbow Tai Chi centre and I came together. This was a journey for more than 2 years to arrive to this point. I was mostly in the ignoring face, believing I needed something else, but was blind to see the treasures right in front of me. I was blind to trust my heart and dare to jump into the unknown. Because that was scary, vulnerable and new and I was deep down afraid to take this jump. Thanks to a lot of encouragement, the Tai Chi tools and the trust I had grown in myself over the past years by following my heart, I took the jump.This was the best jump ever, it felt it has opened a whole new world for me. A world of trust, love, respect and unconditional support. ❤️

This relationship is even better than I wished for and exactly what fulfils this deep longing inside myself. The longing to really connect with someone. This is a journey and still every day we learn, open up and be more authentic and vulnerable with each other. The truth helps us to survive, to not judge but to just say what we want to say. I feel seen, respected, loved and embraced as I am. I am discovering new layers of myself, yet we do this together. There is a deep respect and space for each other to be and to grow our deepest potential. We deeply love the love in each other and grow this love by thanking love. We do not put our own desires first, but respectfully humble to the deeper force who is holding us together. We do this with so much patience and letting it unfold by itself. There is no rush as we live in timeless time. We do not need to force it as it is happening by itself. The magic of life is here already, we only need to know how to unlock that door and trust. 🙏✨

Thank you love for being present in my life in abundance.

Thank you for being love Inside me, inside Andy and inside all. 🌟

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