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Trusting love

Deep down in my heart I always wanted a relationship with a men who could see me for who I am. Often I felt being used, taken for granted or not having a real connection from human to human, from heart to heart. It felt like a real search through relationships, dating and connections while meeting people. I did not know if it was possible what I was longing for because all signals I got back was that men often saw me as an object, looked at the outer and did not see me for who I am.

Then there was a time I put this stop to myself. I felt I searched enough and tried many ways to get what I wanted but it did not work. I was left disappointed with nothing and a longing heart for more. I decided to grow my self respect and said I would not go any further with anything untilI I found my heart saying yes to a true connection.Even here I did not know what I wanted or how that could be possible. But I trusted and patiently waited.It was about 2 years ago where I felt a change happening. Slowly I started growing closer and more open towards Andy Perryman. It was to me completely unexpected and not planned. Yet I felt there was something growing in my heart which I felt scary to trust. It felt like a vulnerable place which opened, as if this was real and I felt being seen what I haven't experienced before. As if my most vulnerable parts were being seen and exposed. At times I felt like a little girl, open to be herself and to be seen and loved. This was not planned by the mind or chosen by me, it felt it came to me and love has chosen. It was up to me to surrender.In small steps I went onto this journey and opened up. Even my teacher encouraged me as he said, "be willing to take a risk and trust what is in your heart".

I did and made a jump. All after that has been far beyond my imagination. I feel at ease, at peace. There is a bouding in the connection I feel, a trust. There is no search any longer or for anything else, this is it. A deep feeling of contentment.But that does not mean life and our relationship is always easy. No, it does mean I am committed to grow, heal and change all what is coming onto this path and our relationship. To take all obstakles, miscommunications and projections into the light of love.. to heal and grow together more loving beings of light.✨

The more we focus together on love, the more we grow lovingly together. The more love we have, the more love we can share. Thank you love for being so loving inside us and all.💜❤️❤️

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