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Unconditional loving presence

Giving love an opportunity to express and be present is one of the most powerful experiences I have recently. 

Going back to how my love story started makes me feel grateful and gives a sense of relief in my heart.  I always had this wish in my heart to connect to someone special. Not just a partner, but on a much deeper level. To feel, see and celebrate what is real love. To honor love and feel her silent presence. A deep desire in me to share this with someone who feels the same and has the same beliefs and intentions. To put love first instead of own personal ego needs. It is a real dedication because that means we put aside our old beliefs, conditions and habits in order to focus on what is real, the here and now. This journey started first with myself, to make a direct connection with me and see myself for who I truly am and how I want to be seen in the world. Respected as a woman for the qualities she carries. That means I had to let go my old pains, projections and images of myself. Through working on this for many years, I was able to receive and ready to grow. It took some courage and time to trust this new feeling of love in my life. Love from love as a being, almost a third person who has entered my life. It is a feeling of unconditional love which I never heard of before. It means it includes, accepts, loves and holds me unconditionally.  I feel seen and respected for who I am and my partner can truly see what is the real me. He appreciates me for my qualities of strength, sensitivity and loving care for the world. Then there is this sense of perfection in a complete different unknown way. The other person accepts me for who I am, even with all my imperfections and disabilities. My long lifetime hearing loss and two hearing aids which I wear are included. Even that has brought us closer together. To be grateful that it has shown us a way to listen better to ourselves and each other. To be more patient, loving and forgiving. I do not need to change, but I am loved for who I am. That is perfection in a sense which does not exists, but yet it is real. An unconditional acceptance and contentment with the presence of love in my life. My teacher said recently, this love can grow limitless and I have a feeling we are on this journey inspiring others to join us too.

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