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Conscious Couples Retreats

Welcome! Are you looking to strengthen your relationship with your partner? Join us for an unforgettable holiday retreat in sunny Spain. At Andy & Linda Perryman's Conscious Couples Retreats, you'll learn the essential elements of a healthy relationship and gain valuable insights for achieving balance and connection with your loved one.

Our inspiring location and expert guidance will help you reignite the spark and deepen your connection. Whether you're looking to improve communication, build trust, or simply enjoy some quality time together, our retreat is the perfect opportunity to revive your relationship.

Ready to take the first step towards a happier, healthier partnership? 


We offer you a space to reconnect, deepen your love and connection with your partner. 

Daily life takes over, there are so many things we have to do and we end up missing the moments of special connection together. Time goes by and we get caught in the same pattern. Our relationship becomes less of a priority because of the demands of work, family or kids. Two worlds living alongside each other, wanting to be heard, seen and loved. These days, are we really 100% present for each other?

Remember the connection you had at the start of your relationship, it is still there...

We, Andy and Linda, noticed how easy it was to fall into comfortable patterns with each other and not live the relationship we truly desired. The familiarity came in and we took each other for granted. 

We chose to change our approach and applied tools that worked for our relationship. Here we immediately found the results we were looking for and way more, there was a deep connection, healing and overflowing love present. It is a love that is present within and between us and is still growing every day! 


The changes are that we stopped our arguments, learnt how to be there for each other unconditionally, applied listen and meaningful support. This has brought us to a strong solid foundation of trust to heal and process emotional, mental, physical blockages and trauma's. The break throughs has made our relationship lighter, stronger and grew new habits of true support. During our busy days we learnt to stay connected to each other on a nourishing and deep level. We see each other for who we truly are.

We channeled our knowledge into a bespoke retreat where couples have the time to reconnect and find a new conscious depth within their relationship. 

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Gaucin retreats


  • Reignite and grow the love with your partner and have time together to deepen your connection

  • Invest in your relationship

  • Build a strong foundation for lasting love

  • Apply techniques to rebuild & maintain a heart-to-heart connection

  • Clean & clear relationship blockages

  • Walk away with new strength, energy and empowerment

  • Enjoy time away from daily life to relax and unwind in a luxury villa (free afternoons and evenings)

  • Learn alongside other couples (morning workshops)


We want you to enjoy your time away together. We offer a balanced schedule where there is room for relationship improvement while there is also space to be together, to explore the local area or simply relax by the pool.

Your accommodation is a luxury villa with delicious healthy food created especially by our chef.


The retreat will be a multi couple event which will give you the opportunity to be inspired by others. In our experience a group setting is one of the most powerful ways of learning. 


The work we do is a combination of internal tools and interactive learning through fun and relaxing exercises which benefit both couples and individuals. This includes internal study to deepen understanding, knowledge and wisdom to transform your relationships and personal state. 

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couples coaching Andy and Linda


Hello, we are Andy & Linda.
We have invested the past 10 years into our personal growth with different teachers and modalities. Our main background is our common study in Tai Chi. During our study we learnt to apply the principles in the full spectrum of life and this incorporates meditation, movement, body work, emotional work and healing work. We found the benefits of these teachings and started applying them in our personal life and relationship. We specialised in balancing the masculine / feminine energies, interaction in relationship and emotional healing. We share in our powerful couple's work what saved, improved and let our relationship flourish.


Andy's roots are in the United Kingdom where he lived and worked most of his life. In 2014 after suffering from different illnesses and depression he chose to work on himself and moved in full time for his Tai Chi study in Devon. Prior to this he was working making bespoke furniture. Till today he still loves his tools and practical work. 


Linda's roots are in the Netherlands. Here she had the vision to build her career in Marketing, but soon discovered this was not giving her the deep fulfilment. In 2015 she quit her job and moved to the United Kingdom to become a certified Tai Chi teacher. 


When we met it was love at the first sight for Andy. Some time passed by before we got together and soon after we moved to Spain. Till now we are still based in Spain where we facilitate our retreats. 


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​In our full time Tai Chi Training we began to apply new principles to our relationship. Our relationship began to elevate from a mental, physical and emotional level into a higher sense of connection between us on a spiritual level. The conflicts of the lower dimensions became less and less. The positive experiences of working mutually on our relationship raised our love and we felt more connected, aligned and nourished.


That has been the inspiration for our 'Conscious Couples' work. We believe and have seen that anybody following these steps will experience the same benefits in their relationship. 


New dates released soon

Tribu del Alma

Gaucín (South of Spain)

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Join Andy & Linda Perryman's Conscious Couples Retreats and learn the secrets to a healthy, happy partnership.

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